In the 10 weeks since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has lost 7 out of 7 votes in the Commons; lost his parliamentary majority; lost 23 of his own Conservative MPs; lost a by-election; lost a case in the Supreme Court; acted unlawfully in shutting down parliament, and misled the Queen.

Even Boris Johnson’s own brother has turned his back on him. In ordinary times, any British Prime Minister would have had no choice but to resign in such circumstances – but these are not ordinary times.

With just a month to go till the UK is due to crash out of the EU, it seems this shambles of a Tory government intends to limp on in its pursuit of a damaging no deal Brexit – despite knowing full well it will lead to food shortages, curtailed medicine supplies and economic chaos.

As ever, it will be the poorest in our communities who bear the brunt; the only people set to benefit from a no-deal Brexit are the billionaire hedge fund managers. Even Boris Johnson’s own sister, and former Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond, have both admitted that wealthy speculators are lining up to back the Tories so they can profit from betting on the economic hardship that follows.

This is a threat to our future that we wanted no part of. West Dunbartonshire and every part of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain – yet we face being dragged out of the EU against our will.

The extraordinary events of the past few weeks have confirmed what we knew all along: Scotland is being failed by Westminster and Boris Johnson isn’t fit to be Prime Minister. With the Tories in a complete mess, and Labour sitting on the fence in an abysmal failure of opposition, it has been left to the SNP to lead the way in bringing parliament back into action.

We cannot afford to leave Scotland’s future in Boris Johnson’s hands, yet the Scottish Labour party inexplicably continues to stand side by side with the Tories in opposing Scotland’s right to choose a better path as an independent nation.

We know that a general election is just around the corner. It is a profound privilege to represent West Dunbartonshire in the House of Commons, and my experience of serving our communities over the past 4 years makes me more determined than ever to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard.

The next election will be a fight for Scotland’s future, and I am hugely honoured to have been selected as the SNP’s candidate once again for West Dunbartonshire. Whatever happens in the weeks ahead, I will continue to stand up for the people of Clydebank, Dumbarton and the Vale to the very best of my ability.

This article appeared in the Clydebank Post on 2 October 2019.

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