Martin Docherty-Hughes MP has commented on this week’s triggering of Article 50, which formally begins the process of the UK leaving the EU.

Any notion of a UK-wide approach, as promised by the Prime Minister following the referendum, is “shattered beyond repair”, and leaves Scotland and Northern Ireland in a position where we are being dragged out of the EU against our democratically expressed will.

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP commented:

“This week’s decision to unilaterally trigger Article 50 shatters beyond repair any notion or position that the Prime Minister is seeking UK-wide agreement.

“For nine months since the EU referendum, there has been no attempt by the UK government to seek a meaningful discussion or agreement with the devolved administrations, despite all efforts being made by our First Minister to facilitate a compromise.

“Scotland is a nation within this United Kingdom of nations and yet is it being treated as a region; worse than that, it is not even being given the same consideration as private companies such a Nissan, to whom the UK Government have been happy to give special consideration.

“Scotland is at a hugely important crossroads and we cannot be in a position where we are ripped from the EU and Single Market despite voting against such a move.

“That is why it is more crucial than ever that the Scottish Parliament is able to give the people of Scotland a fair, legal and informed choice on the direction this country takes.

“The SNP agree with Theresa May that now is not the time for a new referendum on Scottish Independence. That is why we are proposing a referendum at a time, some years in the future, when we know what the Brexit deal will mean for Scotland, but before it’s too late for Scotland to choose a different path.

“I believe it is for the communities of Scotland to decide our future, not politicians. The Prime Minister must allow the people of Scotland make their voice heard.”

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