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The recent decision by NHS England to limit routine funding for second stem cell transplants is a policy which applies to England. My colleagues in the SNP Scottish Government have no plans to introduce such limits in Scotland. Indeed, Glasgow has a world-leading stem cell transplant facility.


The SNP Scottish Government is ambitious about making further improvements to cancer care in Scotland. The Scottish Government has already begun implementing the new Cancer Strategy, investing £100 million in over 50 actions to improve cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. This will include the continuation and expansion of the Detect Cancer Early programme, investment in radiotherapy equipment and staff, regular cancer patient experience surveys, and continued action to realise our ambition that, by 2050, no-one should die from breast cancer.


At Westminster, my colleague Dr Philippa Whitford, the SNP Westminster Spokesperson for Health and a former consultant breast cancer surgeon, has spent a sizable amount of time arguing on off-patent drugs to try and improve the law to allow more flexible access to medicines, including cancer drugs.


I hope this reassures you that as the Scottish Government, and at Westminster, the SNP are committed to ensuring the best possible care is available for cancer patients.

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