Civil Service Compensation Scheme

I am grateful to the trade union PCS for bringing this issue to the attention of the public and MPs. My SNP colleague Chris Stephens MP, secretary of the SNP Trade Union Group, has tabled an Early Day Motion on this issue and I, too, am concerned that these cuts could be discriminatory and unfair. I am particularly concerned by the lack of an equality impact assessment. It would be wrong for this, like so many of the UK Government’s other cuts, to have a disproportionate effect on women, disabled people or black and minority ethnic groups, part time workers or older workers. That these cuts are coming five years after changes to the compensation programme described at the time as “fair and sustainable” is alarming.

I should point out at that this study focussed on the UK Civil Service, which is distinct from the civil service which supports the Scottish Government.

I have added my signature to Chris Stephens’ EDM 310 and am pleased to join him in calling on the UK Government to rethink these cuts.