Closure of BHS

The closure of BHS on Saturday marks the end of an era and is without doubt a huge blow to the communities of West Dunbartonshire.

My colleagues and I have interrogated those responsible for the fall of BHS as well as seeking testimony from independent industry and economic experts. The fallout from this debacle is still being picked through by the Parliament and it will be some time before firm actionable recommendations are made, but one thing is clear; we must change the way business and pension funds are regulated and monitored.

Back home in the community, I have spent the past few months making sure that the store management and local organisations such as the Council, Scottish Enterprise and the DWP are working in concert to assist the staff who now find themselves seeking alternative employment.

Everyone is doing what we can to support the staff and my constituency team remains ready to assist any individuals having difficulties accessing the services they need.

I continue to be in touch with the relevant agencies by phone, however for information, you can see the latest written responses from West Dunbartonshire Council and Scottish Enterprise via the following links:

Click here for the Council Response
Click here for the Scottish Enterprise Response