Digital Exclusion of People with Sensory Loss

Sensory loss is an extremely important issue that the SNP Scottish Government takes very seriously. In 2014, more than one million people in Scotland experienced either hearing loss or significant sight loss – nearly 20% of the population.


It is both important and welcome that some digital services companies have already announced plans to increase their provision of subtitles on digital content, but more can be done. The UK Government must continue to evaluate the current regulatory framework for people with sensory loss, to determine whether or not the current arrangements are sufficient. Children and adults with sensory impairment should expect the same access as everyone else.


In Scotland, the SNP Scottish Government have invested £2 million to implement a new strategy for sensory impairment. The Sensory Impairment Strategy aims to improve the lives of people living with sensory impairment in Scotland and break down barriers when it comes to people playing a full role in society.


My SNP colleagues and I will continue to pursue these important issues so that everyone can feel included in society.