Disability Equality Training Bill

This Bill would only apply in England and Wales. Unfortunately, the chances of this Bill becoming law are slim as very little parliamentary time is dedicated to the consideration of Private Members’ Bills.


Nevertheless, the SNP Government in Scotland are committed to protecting the rights of disabled people to live with dignity and respect as independently as possible. Ministers in Scotland monitor closely events and changes in other regions of the United Kingdom to ensure best practise is achieved in supporting disabled people in Scotland.


It may interest you to learn that the SNP MP Alan Brown was instrumental in ensuring that a new requirement has been introduced in the Bus Services Bill, which would require buses to have audio visual equipment and next stop announcements. I am delighted that this will improve the accessibility of public transport for those with hearing and visual disabilities. I am aware that regulations for private hire vehicles such as taxis and minicabs may prove more complex to introduce, however I am very sympathetic to the need for all forms of services in our society to be more considerate and accessible to disabled people.