Dog Microchipping Deadline This Week


With just one week to go before microchipping becomes compulsory, Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, brought its larger than life mascot ‘Dogcilla’ to meet Martin Docherty-Hughes MP for West Dunbartonshire at Westminster.

Over the past two years, Dogs Trust has been touring the country with its four tonne, 3.2 metre high yellow mascot Dogcilla in a bid to raise awareness of this important aspect of dog welfare ahead of the impending law change on April 6th when it will be compulsory for all dogs in Wales, England and Scotland to be microchipped. Dogcilla has already travelled the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference 5.8 times and will continue on her quest to ensure as many dogs as possible across the UK are microchipped by 6th April.


Paula Boyden, Dogs Trust Veterinary Director commented,


“Microchipping is the most effective permanent way to assist in a lost dog being returned to their owner which in turn reduces the number of healthy dogs unnecessarily put to sleep. To ensure lost dogs have the best possible chance of being swiftly reunited with their families, it is imperative that owners ensure their dog always wears a collar and a tag displaying their contact details, and that they keep their microchip database details up to date. Dogs Trust has committed to ensuring dog owners have access to free microchipping at one of our many drop-in events across the country and at our 21 rehoming centres across the UK before it becomes compulsory in England, Scotland and Wales on 6th April 2016.”


Martin Docherty-Hughes MP expressed his support for the new legislation, saying,


“The recent case of Mia highlights the need for this legislation to protect all of our dogs and ensure they don’t end up in a rehoming centre somewhere, separated from their families. Mia is a cross breed from Monmouthshire who went missing after disappearing from her owner’s garden in September. Fortunately she was picked up by the dog warden and after spending time in a local council pound was taken to Dogs Trust Evesham to help her find a loving home. Staff at Dogs Trust Evesham were able to locate her owner’s address due to Mia’s microchip, which has been implanted years earlier by Dogs Trust chipping teams in Wales. She was returned to her family in December.”