Driver-Only Operated Trains

The Scottish Government urged both ScotRail and the RMT Union to work together to resolve the dispute on this issue and to help avoid further disruption to passengers. I note that a compromise offered by ScotRail was accepted overwhelmingly by members of the RMT Union and that they have welcomed the arrangement as being a benchmark for the industry. I welcome the agreement, which will be good news for passengers.

Whilst Scottish Government Ministers do not set ScotRail’s operational policy, the Scottish Government were always clear that any changes to working practices must meet key safety criteria. Scotland’s railways benefit from very strict safety regimes and ScotRail have an enviable record in safety and passenger satisfaction. Driver Controlled Operation (DCO) was first introduced in Scotland in 1985 and currently 59% of ScotRail passengers travel on Driver Only Operated services.

The Scottish Government have worked with ScotRail, the RMT and Aslef to encourage joint working to resolve the dispute, and once again, I am pleased that an arrangement has been found which works for ScotRail employees and for passengers more widely.