Executive Pay

Whilst most people want to see the end of the outrageous inequalities of excessive pay, you don’t have to scratch too far below the surface to see that these proposals are heavily watered down from Theresa May’s promises.

The Tories are so terrified of losing votes in the chamber that they’ve ditched the representation of workers at board level and rights for 25% of shareholders to trigger binding votes at company AGMs, to avoid their own backbench rebellions   Meanwhile, they are doing nothing to tackle the bigger problem, of low pay and the real hurt of wage stagnation.

Whilst some movement is welcome, irresponsible companies will not be worried by these measures and it won’t make a difference to most people.

It’s another missed opportunity by a weak willed Tory Government who should, if they really wanted to make a difference be doing more, including following the Scottish Government’s lead on scrapping the public sector pay cap and delivering the real, rather than the Tory fake, Living wage, to more employees.