Hardgate Mine Shaft Collapse


I’ll be meeting with the UK Coal Authority next week to discuss the mine shaft collapse in Hardgate.


I have been contacted by numerous local people, both those resident in the vicinity of the collapse and people struggling to commute via the Kilbowie Roundabout. This mine shaft collapse is causing chaos and misery for my constituents and I will be seeking reassurances from the Coal Authority that they are treating this matter as a priority.


We need a speedy resolution to this situation, and while I understand there are a lot of unknowns, particularly due to the potential extent of other mine shafts in the area, I will be asking the Coal Authority to provide me with as much information as they can about the current state of play; people have a right to know exactly what has happened and what the Coal Authority are doing to make things right.


I’ll update the Council, Local Press, this website and Facebook/Twitter following the meeting.