Newsletter 2015/16 (Syria Airstrikes)

I was dismayed when the Government pressed ahead with their plans to intensify bombing efforts in Syria. The SNP warned then and we are seeing now the devastating effects on the civilian population in the region; the exponential nature of the refugee crisis is a direct result of the West’s failed attempts to tackle a threat the nature of which they do not fully understand.

This was an extremely serious and important issue and while I knew I wouldn’t be permitted to speak and I knew that Labour would help the Tories push through their warmongering plans, it was important to me that I attended the full debate and vote. As predicted, the UK parliament gave the green light to continue a complex and deadly conflict without a comprehensive plan for peace and reconstruction; Scotland has yet again been dragged into a war with no exit strategy.

Despite 72% of Scots being opposed, and the vast majority of Scottish MPs voting against, we have seen planes deployed from Lossiemouth dropping bombs on the region. We are all committed to destroying Daesh – it is about how best we do that. David Cameron has neither answered the questions about where the 70,000 ground forces are coming from, or given an insight into any plan on how to stabilise and rebuild the region.