Newsletter 2015/16 (Auchentoshan Distillery)


As an MP working four, sometimes five days a week in Westminster, I believe it is vital to spend as much time as possible in West Dunbartonshire. Any chance I get I visit schools, community groups and local businesses.

In the autumn, I had the opportunity to visit Auchentoshan Distillery.

Auchentoshan Distillery, founded in 1823, has been long a fixture in West Dunbartonshire, and as the distillery’s former Councillor and now as a member of the Scotch Whisky All Party Parliamentary Group I was delighted to be invited to tour the Distillery.

The Auchentoshan brand is going from strength to strength and is constantly expanding into new markets, with lines selling across Europe, the USA, South America, China and even as far afield as Japan. They take a real pride in their products and make excellent ambassadors for West Dunbartonshire.