Humanitarian Situation Facing Children in Yemen

World attention on conflict in the Middle East tends to focus on Syria and Iraq and sadly, the catastrophic war in Yemen is largely overlooked; despite the conflict claiming many lives, causing untold damage and forcing millions of people to flee from their homes. The SNP have called on the UK Government to stop their sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and urged the UK Government to encourage all parties in the conflict to agree to an immediate ceasefire.


As you will be aware, the UK Government have presided over £5.6 billion worth of military licences to Saudi Arabia. This includes fighter jets, military vehicles, and other military equipment. The SNP have raised concerns over the sale of UK-manufactured arms to Saudi Arabia with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as in the House of Commons, on a number of occasions. Indeed, my colleague Kirsten Oswald MP secured a parliamentary debate earlier this year on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Angus Robertson MP, the SNP Westminster leader, has also raised concerns about the situation in Yemen at Prime Minister’s Questions.


Please rest assured that SNP MPs will continue to call on the UK Government to actively work to secure an immediate ceasefire and lasting peace in Yemen, as well as an end to the sale of munitions to Saudi Arabia which is exacerbating the humanitarian situation in Yemen.