Martin Docherty-Hughes MP has added his backing to a campaign to ban the consumption of dog meat in the UK.

The MP for West Dunbartonshire signed up to the campaign, led by the World Dog Alliance (WDA), at a launch event at the House of Commons.

Currently, the sale of dog meat and the slaughter of dogs in abattoirs is illegal, but there is no law against the consumption of dog meat in the UK.

Across the globe 30 million dogs are slaughtered for their meat every year and 70% of these are believed to be stolen pets. The misconception that dog meat will taste better if the animal experiences high levels of stress means that many dogs are boiled, skinned or even blow-torched alive.

While there have been no cases of people eating dog meat in the UK, the new campaign seeks to close the legal loophole to make sure this barbaric practice never happens.

Dog meat consumption is already illegal in other parts of the world, including Germany, Austria, Taiwan and Hong Kong. South Australia has also banned the practice, despite no cases being reported.

A petition launched to ban dog meat consumption in the UK can be found online at:

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP said:

“Animal rights are of the upmost importance, so I am pleased to be supporting this campaign to close the legal loophole and make it illegal to eat dog meat in the UK. As leaders in animal welfare, we must make sure we set the right example across the globe that this treatment of animals is not acceptable. I would encourage any constituents who support this campaign to sign the online petition.”

Mr Him Lo, Director of Legal Affairs from the World Dog Alliance said:

“Historically the UK has been a leader in animal welfare practices. Making it illegal for people to eat dogs in the UK will reinforce this reputation across the globe. We believe a ban in the UK would send a strong and powerful message to other countries that this treatment of dogs is not acceptable. We believe legislation changes are the only way to help stop the torture of these dogs and hope the UK makes the necessary changes in the coming months to help save the lives of 30 million dogs each year.”