Martin Docherty’s Maiden Speech Highlighted

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Martin Docherty MP has been included on the BBC’s list of the top 7 most memorable maiden speeches from the 176 new members of the House of Commons in 2015.

Speaking during the debate on English Votes for English Laws, Martin used his speech to talk about the history and future of the communities of West Dunbartonshire and to highlight the difficult position the then proposed changes to voting rules in the House of Commons would give the Speaker.

Commenting, Martin said,

“I am shocked to be included on the BBC’s list, and it’s unfortunate that the British Government have pushed through the changes to voting rules I warned about in this debate.

It puts the Speaker in an impossible position where they will have to rule votes as being non-Scottish issues even where there is a significant impact on the Scottish budget.

We now have the ridiculous situation where future Scottish MPs could not play their full part as Prime Minister or as part of the Cabinet, as they could be excluded from voting on their own policies.

What is more ridiculous is that in the unelected House of Lords, Scottish Barons and Baronesses, resident in Scotland, will vote to their hearts content as we sit hamstrung in the Union”