Nazis in Falkirk

Regarding the proposed gig by US based band ‘Bound for Glory’ in Falkirk, I note that the right-wing music festival that they were due to appear at has now been cancelled after thousands protested. Around 16,000 people had signed a petition calling for the gig to be banned.


The Scottish Government’s Justice Secretary Michael Matheson MSP has also written to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to ask her to consider barring members of the group from entering the country due to their promotion of extreme views and hate speech.


I would also like to express my concern that far right groups would target Scotland for such an event and I hope that this attempt to hold a right wing music festival in Scotland proves to be an isolated event.


.: UPDATE :.

The following information has been received from the member of Parliament for Falkirk, John McNally MP’s office.

Hello all,

As I am sure you will appreciate John’s Constituency office has had hundreds of enquiries on this matter since the weekend.

You may find it helpful to add in some or all of the below points to inform your constituent’s what the local MP has been doing about it.

  • On Monday 17th October John submitted an Urgent Question to the speakers office asking the Home Secretary to prevent this band and its associates from entering the country. This question could have been answered in Parliament that day and eased people’s minds on the possible threats this could bring to our communities. This urgent question was refused.
  • John’s office investigated the claims and verified the venue, promoter and tech support.
  • John’s office contacted the local crime prevention/interventions at Falkirk Police Stations and following some extended communications with Officers, it was confirmed late Monday afternoon by Police Scotland Officers that the Neo Nazi band will not be playing in Falkirk.

Best regards,

Office Manager to John McNally MP