Martin alongside Gil Paterson MSP (left) and Fabrice Dubois (centre).

Clydebank’s parliamentarians Martin Docherty-Hughes MP and Gil Paterson MSP have given their backing to a Clydebank firefighter who is deeply worried about his future in Scotland after Brexit.

Fabrice Dubois has worked for the Scottish Fire Service since 2009 and routinely puts his life on the line as a firefighter to save lives. He is an EU National who has lived in Scotland since 2005 and has two Scots-French children.

Prior to the 2016 EU referendum, Clydebank-based Fabrice Dubois had the security of his EU citizenship and thought of Scotland as his home but the result of the referendum and the UK decision to leave the EU has shattered his peace of mind. He is now stressed and anxious over what the future holds.

Gil Paterson MSP has written to First Minster Nicola Sturgeon to highlight the plight of his constituent.  He is working very closely on this case with his SNP colleague, West Dunbartonshire MP Martin Docherty-Hughes.

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP said:

“The UK government has treated EU nationals appallingly. Scotland has been Fabrice’s home since 2005; he lives here in Clydebank with his family and has worked for the fire service for over ten years.

“There are thousands of EU nationals working in Scotland’s public services, making a vital contribution to our local communities. Yet they face fear and uncertainty over their futures here post-Brexit.

“It’s completely unacceptable and Fabrice has my full support in challenging this UK’s government’s shameful immigration policies.”

Gil Paterson MSP said:

“I find it deeply disturbing and unacceptable that someone like Mr Dubois, who puts his life on the line on a regular basis for the people of Clydebank, should have to worry about his future in Scotland.

“The people of Scotland benefit enormously from the contribution EU Nationals like Mr Dubois make to our society and their treatment at the hands of the UK government is disgraceful. Clydebank is Mr Dubois’ home and he is very welcome here.”