Both the UK Government’s PIP and ESA process is inherently flawed, and the whole system of disability assessments needs a complete overhaul.

As we saw in response to the DWP Committee’s inquiry on PIP and ESA assessments, people are being put through gruelling and psychologically damaging assessments which are nothing more than tick-box exercises.

The SNP Scottish government has committed to introducing long-term awards for PIP, and has also committed to looking at lifetime awards. It is positive that the UK government has followed the Scottish government’s excellent example and also recently announced they will introduce long-term awards.

Like with other disability benefits, the Tories are forcing disabled people to bear the brunt of the impact of austerity by slowly eroding the value of benefits.

The introduction of PIP to replace DLA has amounted to a cut in the welfare budget, with tighter eligibility criteria for PIP meaning that many claimants who transfer are losing out.

The SNP is committed to creating a social security system based on dignity and respect, and will continue working to do so at both Holyrood and Westminster.