As stated in our 2017 manifesto, the SNP supports the replacement of First-Past-The-Post with Proportional Representation (PR).

Even though the SNP have been successful in First-Past-The-Post elections in recent years, we have a principled belief in proportional representation and will continue to call for the introduction of Proportional Representation across the UK so that every vote and every part of the country counts.

There are a number of different forms of PR, which can have a wide range of benefits – including increasing turnout, greater engagement, and more of a feeling that votes matter.

Westminster is an aberration in Scotland – the only place where representatives are elected by first past the post, unlike the STV in local elections, Additional Members System (AMS) in Holyrood and list system for Brussels.

The UK is one of the only countries in Europe to still use First Past the Post. Of the 43 countries in Europe, 40 use some form of Proportional Representation.