Refugee Family Reunion Bill

The topic of refugee family reunification is one raised with me frequently by constituents.

The Refugee Family Reunion Bill to be debated on 16 March 2018 was introduced to Parliament as a Private Members Bill by my SNP colleague Angus Brendan MacNeil. The SNP fully support this Bill, and our MPs will attend the debate to support its passing to the next stage in the Parliamentary process.

The SNP has been and will continue to be at the forefront of efforts to pressure the UK Government to respond to the refugee crisis. Many refugees who are given protection in the UK have no hope of bringing their loved ones here to join them due to restrictive rules made by the UK Government. By keeping families apart, our current system only prolongs the suffering of people who have already been through so much. This Bill will provide an opportunity to relieve this suffering, and we urge the UK Government to support its passage.