Legislation regarding the use and deployment of drones is reserved to Westminster. I would encourage you to make your concerns known through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) consultation to ensure these are heard.

The SNP has been calling for further regulation of drones for several years now. It was disappointing that it took the incident at Gatwick last Christmas to force the UK Government to act.

The SNP will seek to encourage the UK Government to ensure all action that is taken is proportionate and does not unfairly discriminate against law abiding private individuals who fly drones for leisure or hobbies, with no malicious intention.

In the meantime, operators should take care to abide by the regulations and the “drone code” that currently applies and rules or procedures used by landowners with regards to access.

The Scottish Government also encourages all drone operators to be aware of the risks in operating drones in the vicinity of wild birds and animals and to take steps to minimise any likely impacts and know what to do in the event of an encounter.