Response to Rising Winter Death Figures

“The rising winter death rate among the elderly is yet another manifestation of the UK Government’s austerity policies. People get fed up with what they see as the political to and fro but the effects are real and hit everyone in our communities, young and old.

Make no mistake, the UK Government’s obsession with slashing the Social Security safety net and forcing front line service cuts for elderly and other vulnerable people is directly responsible for the national increases and it’s areas with already high levels of deprivation, like the communities of West Dunbartonshire, that are hardest hit by these choices.

Voluntary Community Groups & Charities, West Dunbartonshire Council and the Scottish Government do as much as they can to help those in need, but when you have people choosing whether to heat their homes or eat, we need individuals to make the difference.

Everyone can help just by looking out for their neighbours. Chap the door and see how they are doing and if there’s anything you can do to help them. You can also put them in touch with the Council on 01389 737000 to make sure they are getting all the financial support they are entitled to. Anyone concerned about a neighbour or loved one who doesn’t know what to do can call my office on 0141 952 2988”