It is extraordinary that in this day and age women are still having to shell out more than men for the same products – also known as the “Pink Tax”.

The Gender-Based Pricing (Prohibition) Bill aims to prohibit the differential pricing of products and services that are substantially similar other than being intended for, or marketed to, a particular gender; and for connected purposes.

We know that it was only in 2016 and 2017 that some retailers said they would match prices between ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ versions of products such as razors.

This is a double-whammy given that women are at a detriment financially in the first place due to the gender pay gap, and also due to having to buy sanitary products for the majority of their lives.

In Scotland we are taking action where we can to mitigate the financial impact of menstruation, by making free sanitary products available in schools and also more widely in public places.

I am happy to support a Bill that would eradicate the arbitrary, unequal pricing of these types of products which are used by both men and women.

I also hope that this will lead to a wider discussion on the unnecessary ‘gendering’ of everyday items, as well as the often heavily gendered and sometimes sexist designs of children’s toys – for example, aiming ‘cleaning’ toy products at girls and ‘science’ toys at boys.

People have become so used to this, but it’s time we take action to stop penalising women for buying the same products as men.