Sex and Relationships Education

Education is a matter which is wholly devolved to the Scottish Parliament.


I firmly believe that young people have a right to comprehensive and age-appropriate education to enable them to make healthy and responsible choices in their lives. With specific regard to sex and relationships education,  there is extensive evidence that high-quality relationship, sexual health and parenthood education helps reduce teenage pregnancy, delays the onset of sexual activity and increases the likelihood of young people using contraception when they do start sexual relationships.


In Scotland, the SNP Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that all children and young people receive high quality and age-appropriate relationships, sexual health and parenthood education. The latest guidance for schools was issued in December 2014, with reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which includes new information about the steps that need to be taken to address the dangers of child sexual exploitation. The implementation of this guidance in all schools across Scotland is a key part of our strategy to keep our children and young people safe.