Statement from Martin Docherty MP on the Vale of Leven Hospital

“Services at the Vale of Leven Hospital (VOLH) are a top priority for the SNP in Dumbarton & the Vale of Leven at all levels. Our members and politicians are people who live and work in the community, making these services extremely important to all of us on a very personal level.

Following the announcement in the local press of a campaign to save services at the VOLH, the statement from the Health Board Chairman, that Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS have not submitted any plans to Ministers for a reduction in service provision at the VOLH is helpful, however while this discussion document they have produced is in circulation, they need to be clear about their plans for the future, especially given the fact that they have been allocated a budget uplift and have a significantly higher funding allocation than they were expecting from the Scottish Government.

In any case, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Shona Robison MSP, has been clear in her statement that she, “will not approve any move away from the Vision for the Vale commitment”. On behalf of the Government she confirmed that, “this Government sees a bright future for the hospital, which plays a crucial role in the local healthcare system”. This guarantees the future of the hospital and its services that local people fought so hard to secure.”