Survivors of Torture

Response to campaign emails highlighting the report by Freedom from Torture

My SNP colleagues and I have consistently called for a national discussion on immigration that is humane and honest, and not based on fear or misinformation. The Scottish Government policy on asylum is robust, open and welcoming to those who wish to seek asylum in Scotland, and seeks to support asylum seekers to positively integrate into Scottish communities.
It is only right that asylum seekers and refugees are treated humanely and fairly with their dignity and rights upheld at every stage of the asylum process.  Every instance where this is not the case is a tragedy, and my SNP colleagues and I will continue to press the UK Government to ensure that the system is humane and dignified as possible. Indeed, Freedom from Torture have welcomed the efforts of my colleagues and I to put pressure on the UK Government to influence immigration and asylum policy to protect survivors of torture across the whole of the UK, and we will continue to use our position in Westminster to influence policy across the whole of the UK.