Talking Buses

I am familiar with the campaign from Guide Dogs UK to have AV equipment installed on all public transport buses by law, and I am supportive of public transport of all forms being accessible to those with physical impairments. I am firmly of the view that audio and visual displays and announcements would make public transport far more accessible to those with sight and hearing difficulties.

Although transport is a matter devolved to the Scottish Parliament, the regulation of public service vehicles’ accessibility is a reserved matter. An amendment has been tabled to the UK Government’s Bus Services Bill which would provide for AV equipment to be required to be installed on buses throughout the UK as a matter of law.

It may interest you to know that my SNP colleague Alan Brown MP had written to the UK Government on this matter some months ago, urging them to ensure that this requirement was introduced as part of the Bill. Alan has been an active campaigner on this issue and I am delighted that his lobbying of the UK Government on this matter has been successful. Rest assured, that my SNP colleagues and I will support this amendment being part of the Bill when it comes before the House of Commons.