A number of constituents have contacted me about the UK’s arms exports to Israel and Early Day Motion (EDM) 1305.

I share concerns about the recent surge of violence in Gaza and UK arms exports to Israel. The SNP do support a suspension of UK arms sales to Israel unless it can be demonstrated that weapons and components imported from the UK are used solely in accordance with the consolidated criteria. The SNP also holds this position on arms sales to Saudi Arabia where we want to see a suspension of arms in order for an investigation into their use in Yemen. We are clear that international law must be upheld and independent investigations into any breaches must be carried out.

The UK government has approved export licences for millions of pounds worth of arms and arms components to Israel in the past year alone. According to the UK government’s own guidelines, where there is a risk that items are being used for internal repression or in the commission of a serious violation of international humanitarian law, arms exports should be suspended.

The SNP takes any threats against Israel with serious concern and is clear that any violence against the Jewish community must never be tolerated. We remain committed to efforts in finding a two-state solution and sincerely hope that talks to that end can be reconvened in the interests of all those living in the region.

I have now added my name in support of Early Day Motion 1305.