Peoples’ lives should not be used as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations.

As we continue to urge the UK Government to provide further clarity on the issue of EU citizens’ in the UK and UK citizens living and working in the EU, we are particularly concerned about protecting the rights of family members the processes of applying for any new status in the UK, and continued access to independent judicial redress.

The SNP does not believe that anyone in the EU should see their future rights reduced as a result of Brexit. As a result the SNP will continue to press the UK Government to step back from the ‘no deal’ abyss and commit to a deal which keeps the UK in both the Customs Union and the Single Market with the mutual benefits which come with each.

The Scottish Government does not yet have powers over immigration but we want to take concrete steps to help. For example, if the UK government imposes charges on EU citizens forced to apply for settled status, the Scottish Government will ensure that devolved public bodies meet these costs for those working in our public sector.

The SNP will push the UK Government to adopt a similar approach which seeks to help people in the EU affected by Brexit rather than disadvantaging them.