The UK Government Civil Service pay guidance does not apply to those working for the Scottish Government, its Agencies or Local Authorities in Scotland who benefit from the Scottish Government promise of a pay increase that reflects the cost of living and remains affordable while delivering value for money for the people of Scotland.

The UK Government Civil Service pay guidance fails to ensure civil servants are paid the Real Living Wage and it is a disgrace that department-wide 1-1.5% pay increases will be set by Tory ministers in accordance with departmental need and resource rather than protecting the lowest paid.

It is high time the Tories at Westminster followed the example of the Scottish Government and paid public sectors a fair wage and abandon its ideological austerity agenda against which the SNP has led the campaign at Westminster.

In contrast to that of the UK Government, the Scottish Government Pay Policy supports those on lower incomes with public sector employers paying at least the Scottish Living Wage of £16,900 pa based on the real living wage rate of £8.75 per hour with no age requirement – this equates to at least 3.56% increase for the lowest paid.

The Scottish Government was the first government anywhere in the UK to commit to lifting the 1% public sector pay cap raised the threshold for the guaranteed 3% pay increase from £30,000 to £36,500 and this decision has the potential to benefit 75% of our public sector workforce.