Vale of Leven Hospital: Joint Statement from Martin Dochetry-Hughes MP & Brendan O’Hara MP

Following our meeting with both the Chair John Brown CBE and new Chief Executive Jane on NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the Chair has issued a letter to local media confirming some of the points raised in our discussion.

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It was an extremely positive meeting where all present agreed that the Vale of Leven Hospital is an asset to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and that it will continue to deliver vital services to our communities for the foreseeable future.


We were delighted to see that our request for clear communication with the public about current issues relating to the Vale of Leven Hospital and other local health services has been acted upon so swiftly, and look forward to working with them to see continuous improvement to communication with our community.


Further to the content of the letter, the Chair and the new Chief Executive also confirmed / agreed to the following:

  • Despite what unofficial sources have been saying, the Dispensing Pharmacy at the Hospital is not under threat of closure.
  • The issues with the out of hours GP service are being caused by a problem with GP contracts. They hope to have this resolved soon, which will have a positive impact in terms of the future of the service operating from the Vale of Leven Hospital. The current review and proposals are at the earliest stage and haven’t yet taken any possible future contract changes into account.
  • The Board will keep the public informed about services in the local area through the press, Facebook and their website.
  • The Board will update their Vale of Leven Hospital page on the website to bring it up to date with a list of the services available at our hospital.


The Chair and Chief Executive are aware that NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde must improve its lines of communication with our community and I am glad that we are starting to see swift and appropriate action to make that happen.