Homelessness Reduction Bill

This is a matter which is devolved to the Scottish Parliament and the SNP Scottish Government has pioneered the most progressive approach in the UK towards tackling homelessness.


In 2012, the Scottish Government passed groundbreaking legislation requiring local authorities to provide every unintentionally homeless person with a home. In December 2012, we achieved our homelessness commitment that all of those assessed as unintentionally homeless by local authorities will be entitled to settled accommodation as a legal right. We believe in an approach to housing challenges which puts the needs of individuals and communities at the heart of public policy decisions.


In addition to fully mitigating the UK Government’s iniquitous bedroom tax, the Scottish Government have also achieved targets of building new affordable and council homes. Over the last term of the Scottish Parliament, over 33,000 affordable homes were delivered. This includes almost 6,000 council house completions – almost 20% more than the five year target that the Scottish Government set for itself.


I hope this reassures you that homelessness and the supply of quality, affordable housing remains a priority for the Scottish Government.  Although SNP MPs do not routinely vote on matters which affect only England, rest assured that we will consider carefully any implications that this Bill may have for Scotland.