The SNP believes that any military intervention in Syria is likely to make the humanitarian crisis worse not better, particularly as it does not contribute to longer-term peace.

The UK government puts too little thought into reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts and instead seeks a ‘quick’, combat-orientated solution, which does not help alleviate suffering.

We are against being dragged into military action and instead believe that the solution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria has to be political. The SNP were disappointed in April this year when the UK did not support Sweden’s draft UN resolution calling for an international investigation into chemical stockpiles reportedly held by the Syrian regime and instead launched into armed conflict.

The SNP will again urge the UK Government to bring about a political resolution through the UN Security Council in accordance with its Resolution 2254 to end the six year conflict in Syria.

We also support an implementation of a War Powers Act making it illegal for governments to bypass Parliament before engaging in military action which they did in April of this year.