Shaw Consultation / EDM689

I should clarify at the outset that the Land Registry is the land registration service for England and Wales only. This issue is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, with the Registers of Scotland being the corresponding body. There are no plans to privatise the Registers of Scotland.

You also raise concerns in respect of the potential privatisation of Channel 4, the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and Ordnance Survey. My SNP colleagues and I share your concerns about the Tory UK Government’s apparent fervor to privatise public bodies which serve public interests. My colleague John Nicolson MP has on numerous occasions raised concerns about the UK Government’s plans for privatisation of Channel 4 both in the Chamber and through his scrutiny of their plans in the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee in Parliament. Any privatisation of Channel 4 would require full primary legislation – a Bill – and rest assured that my SNP colleagues and I will oppose any Bill tabled by the UK Government which seeks to privatise this public asset. In respect of NATS, I am firmly of the view that safety would be at the heart of our National Air Traffic Services, and not a profit motive which would be the number one priority of a privatised air traffic control service.

Rest assured, that I will follow the progress of these proposals with interest, and meantime I have already added my name to the EDM.