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Martin Docherty-Hughes MP has slammed the Lib Dems for preparing to work with extreme Brexiteers in the Tory party in an attempt to ensure the SNP doesn’t have a “clean sweep” of seats in a snap general election.

The SNP MP for West Dunbartonshire has said the Lib Dems simply can’t be trusted after it was reported that talks were “ongoing” between the two parties in an attempt to block an SNP landslide – despite the party’s leader previously calling for anti-Brexit parties to work together.

Although the SNP is the UK’s largest anti-Brexit party – with 100 parliamentarians in Westminster, Edinburgh and Brussels – the Liberal Democrats have now ruled out working with the SNP, leading political commentators to question the party’s commitment to stopping Brexit.

Commenting, Martin Docherty-Hughes said:

“The Lib Dems are showing their true colours by preparing to jump right back into bed with their old Tory chums in a pathetic attempt to stop the UK’s largest anti-Brexit party gaining traction at a general election.

“The party might like to talk tough on Brexit – but actions speak a thousand words. The Lib Dems would apparently rather team-up with Boris Johnson than swallow their pride and work with the SNP to stop Brexit.

“Let’s not beat about the bush – the Lib Dems have sold out their principals before and given the chance they’ll do exactly the same again to serve their own self interests.

“People in Scotland have been dealing with the consequences of the last Tory Lib Dem partnership for nearly a decade now – with policies like the Bedroom Tax, cuts to social security and scrapping the Education Maintenance Allowance impacting the most vulnerable in our society.

“Clearly the Lib Dems have learnt nothing from their time working with the Tories – but voters in Scotland haven’t forgotten. Only the SNP can be trusted to stand up for Scotland.”

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