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On the second anniversary of the unprovoked Russian invasion, Martin Docherty-Hughes MP says the UK’s resolve in support for Ukraine must not falter.

In recent weeks Ukraine has faced increasing challenges from a renewed Russian offensive and delays in Western deliveries of aid leading to ammunition and artillery shortages on the battlefield.

Calling for a complete seizure of Russian assets in the UK, and an increase in the delivery of lethal aid to Ukraine, SNP Defence Spokesperson Martin Docherty-Hughes MP warned the current situation in Ukraine is critical, and that efforts to support the besieged nation must be doubled to ensure a Russian defeat.

Criticising the UK government for a reluctance to fully seize Russian assets and for their ending of the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme, Dochety-Hughes said the UK had a long way to go before it could claim leadership in the global fight against Russian aggression and in support for Ukraine’s struggle.

Commenting, Martin Docherty-Hughes MP said:

“Two years is too long, but Ukrainians know all too well that this war has been raging for ten, forcing immense suffering and bloodshed on an innocent population.

“Brave Ukrainians are laying down their lives, not just in defence of their own freedom and values, but ours too. That’s why it’s crucial we back them with everything we have and that our resolve never falters.

“The delays in the delivery of vital aid brought about by the US Congress and GOP are incredibly worrying and are only increasing the suffering and death toll for Ukraine – in absence of US leadership we should be stepping up to the plate, but we’re far from there.

“The UK’s reluctance to properly seize, and redistribute to Ukraine, the Russian assets that have given London its ‘Londongrad’ moniker is proof of that, so too is the UK government’s ending of the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme.

“In light of recent threats to the security and stability of the West, and a Russian counter offensive which has already seen Avdiivka fall, we must be united in the face of President Putin’s aggression, and the coordinated solidarity shown for Ukraine must and cannot waiver.

“The UK government must work to strengthen our resolve, increase the supply of lethal aid to Ukraine, enforce a complete seizure on Russian assets, and do everything possible to take Putin’s regime to task for their unprovoked brutal invasion and oppression of Ukraine.”

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