A new poll by Ipsos Mori has shown support for independence virtually tied with support for the union, with 48% of likely voters backing a Yes vote in the event of a second referendum. 

The poll also found that of those who changed their mind on independence following the Brexit vote, a majority moved from No to Yes, with the overall result well within the statistical polling margin of error of 4%.

Commenting, West Dunbartonshire’s SNP MP, Martin Docherty-Hughes said:

“This poll shows a virtual dead heat, and is the latest to demonstrate that many No voters are reconsidering their views on independence now that Scotland faces being dragged out of Europe against our will.

“With West Dunbartonshire having delivered an overwhelming YES vote in the 2014 referendum, my constituents will be delighted to see national opinion moving in the right direction, bringing us even closer to self-determination.

“In light of the overwhelming vote to remain in the EU, it is right that the Scottish Government explores every option to protect our relationship with and place in the EU – including the option of another independence referendum if it becomes clear that is the best or only way to do so.

“The United Kingdom that Scotland voted to remain part of in 2014 will soon no longer exist. The complete lack of planning by the UK Government for this referendum outcome has created tremendous uncertainty for business, for investors, for EU citizens living in the UK and for our public services, and there are growing concerns over the plans of an increasingly right-wing Tory UK government under Theresa May.

“In that context, it is little wonder that more and more people in communities across Scotland are joining West Dunbartonshire and seeing independence as the option that offers the greatest certainty and stability.”