SNP: UK GOVERNMENT MUST USE EVEL REVIEW PERIOD TO “ESTABLISH COMPREHENSIVE PROPOSALS”   The Scottish National Party has today called on the UK government to urgently review the House of Commons Standing Orders on English Votes for English Laws.   The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs committee report “The Future of the Union: English Votes for English Laws” has raised concerns about the “complexity and workability” of EVEL; mirroring comments made by Martin Docherty-Hughes MP in his Maiden Speech last July.   Speaking again on the issue, Martin Docherty-Hughes MP said,   “The SNP has no objection to the principle of English Votes for English Laws but the way the UK Government has implemented it is unworkable. Due to the Barnet Formula, Scotland can now suffer funding cuts with Scottish MPs having no say on the matter; that is fundamentally wrong.   “The Tories rushed this through as a change to the Standing Orders rather than as a proper piece of legislation, which would have received more scrutiny, so it is little wonder that the new rules are full of flaws and inconsistencies.   “What is clear about this report is that David Cameron doesn’t even have support for EVEL from within his own party. What we have is an unsustainable solution and the wrong answer to the constitutional question.
“I am pleased that the report echoes my concerns, vindicating my position. It is critical that the UK Government take on board the recommendations from this report and use the twelve month review period we are currently in to establish a set of comprehensive proposals that all parties and the general public can support.”