Bank of Scotland branch in Dalmuir (Image credit: Google Maps)

Martin Docherty-Hughes, MP for West Dunbartonshire, has condemned Lloyds Banking Group following the announcement that its Bank of Scotland Dalmuir branch will be closing.

The SNP MP hit out after it was confirmed the Dalmuir branch of Bank of Scotland will be closed on 19 March 2018, with customers being told their accounts would be transferred to its branch in Clydebank shopping centre.

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP said the closure would have a serious impact on the bank’s most vulnerable customers and expressed concern about a lack of consultation with the local community.

Lloyds Banking Group, which owns Bank of Scotland, has announced it will be closing a total of 49 local bank branches across the UK including 11 in Scotland.

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP said:

“The decision to close the Dalmuir Bank of Scotland branch is deeply disappointing. Yet again it seems the banks have little regard for the impact of closing local bank branches on the most vulnerable in our communities.

“Bank of Scotland customers in Dalmuir who have been loyal to the bank for years now face having to travel miles to access banking services. The banks attempt to justify this by claiming keeping local branches open is unaffordable due to customers using online and mobile banking.

“The reality is that many people, especially the elderly and disabled, are unable to access digital banking services and need to do their banking in person.

“In addition, whilst many of the poorest in our communities do not have access to a car and cannot afford extra transport costs, the likes of Lloyds Banking Group continue to post multi-billion pound profits.

“The closure of a local bank branch should not be taken lightly and I am concerned that this decision has been taken with little consultation with the Dalmuir community.

“I’ve already been contacted by a constituent who is disabled and in ill health and is devastated that her local bank branch is closing. There are also concerns about its detrimental impact on local businesses, not to mention the branch staff who now face job uncertainty.

“I expect to hear from more angry Bank of Scotland customers and will be contacting the bank’s management to raise concerns on their behalf.”